Design your next new home

Your style starts here.

When you build a home from the ground up, your home is an open canvas. Our Home Galleries offer hundreds of fixture and finish options, as well as step-by-step design assistance—a complimentary service! The level of personalization is a key Richmond American difference.

How your new home design happens

The Home Gallery™ is our design center. After you contract on a new home, this is where you’ll come to make it unique from the cabinets to the doorknobs. Not sure what to choose? Don’t worry! Your design consultant is an expert and will walk you through each selection.

Select an item below to learn more about the process.

  • Cabinetry

    Cabinets set the stage for kitchens and baths.

    The Sarah Kitchen

    First, you'll choose the style of your cabinet doors.

    Cabinet options

    Then you select a cabinet finish!

    Cabinet picture

    Finally, you’ll select an interior cabinet package, which could include features such as soft-close drawers and roll-out organizers.

  • Countertops & backsplash

    Our variety of countertops & backsplashes offer both beauty and function.

    The Bronson Kitchen

    Countertops: You’ll choose the type of material, as well as the color and style. Will it be quartz or granite on your counters?

    Countertop options

    Backsplash: Choose a pattern, then a material. Ceramic, glass and marble are popular backsplash choices.

    Backsplash options
  • Flooring

    Flooring anchors your home design, no matter the material.

    The Heidi Kitchen

    Choose a material, then play with styles and and shapes.

    Flooring options
  • Fixtures

    From faucets to lighting, the fixtures are the finishing touches that round out your style.

    Fixtures and lighting
  • Paint

    Our paint colors are hand-selected to coordinate with your other finishes.

    Paint deck
  • Other new home features

    We give you countless options to make your home one of a kind. These are a few of the other items you’ll be able to personalize, some of which you'll decide on before you ever set foot in the Home Gallery™.

    Selections made at the Sales Center

    • Floor plan
    • Homesite
    • Structural choices (ex. loft or extra bedroom?)

    More Home Gallery™ selections

    • Home technology
    • Window coverings
    • Door selections
    • Security system
    • Appliances GE logo bug
    • Stair railings

What to expect when designing your home

  • Hemingway Exteriors

    First selections are made at contract.

    A lot of personalization happens at the Sales Center. If you build from the ground up, you’ll select a homesite, a floor plan and make any structural choices that plan offers. Homes typically have several exteriors available so you can personalize your curb appeal.

  • Couple at Design Center

    We’ll schedule your design appointment.

    When it’s time for your appointment at the Home Gallery™, your design consultant will be waiting for you. He or she will already know your floor plan and the structural options you chose at the Sales Center.

  • Couple at Design Center

    Exploring begins.

    Finishes and fixtures are on display. Your design consultant can help you find your style.

  • Color studios

    Color studios.

    Our finishes are grouped in color studios, for foolproof coordinating. Fall in love with flooring from another color studio? No problem. It’s just a guideline.

  • Home Gallery selections

    Your plan comes together.

    With your taste and budget in mind, your design consultant will help you put together a home design just for you.

Learn more about your appointment

We've put together two digital flipbooks with details about your design experience. Get a glimpse into the process of making your house a unique, personalized home.

Working with your designer

Personalization is our passion. But more choice doesn’t mean more complicated. Your design consultant will guide step-by-step to create a coordinated look you love.

I'm excited, but don't know where to start.

I need a lot of design guidance.

Will someone help me match the finishes?

The Newbie

How to prepare:

No idea where to start? No problem. Many buyers feel this way. Luckily our finishes are color coordinated to take out the guesswork.

How to prepare:

We're glad you're excited! Bring in pillows, photos or anything that will help us understand your style so we can create a look you love.

The Veteran

I'm more than ready for my appointment!

I have sofa swatches ready to go.

My Pinterest board is up to date.

The same kitchen, 8 ways

The Hemingway is our most popular floor plan. But that doesn’t mean any two are alike. Check out what we’ve done to make this home unique.

  • Hemingway Kitchen 2
  • Hemingway Kitchen 3
  • Hemingway Kitchen 4
  • Hemingway Kitchen 5
  • Hemingway Kitchen 6
  • Hemingway Kitchen 7
  • Hemingway Kitchen 8
  • Hemingway Kitchen 1

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